To visit the Sistine Chapel we must access through the doorway of the Vatican Museums that’s located within the Viale Vaticano.There are several ATAC bus lines that leave us within the vicinity. we will even get to the Ottaviano station by Metro and walk a couple of minutes.

Access to the Vatican Museums includes a visit to the Sistine Chapel that needs a ticket which will be booked and purchased online on this website, recommended to avoid long lines of access.

The last Sundays of every month the doorway to the Sistine Chapel is free. For easier access, if you are doing not want to book the doorway online, it’s recommended to urge up early to urge an honest position within the queue of tourists.

We allow ourselves to form a practical recommendation: Bring pocket binoculars to admire the small print of the Sistine Chapel that initially glance are lost, it’s certainly worthwhile.

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