If you’ve got a Hail Damaged Vehicle within the Bossier City area, don’t let a body shop tell you that your car’s roof or hood must get replaced , and your vehicle painted. After market (non factory) paint jobs don’t delay well in climates like ours with significant heat, humidity and sunshine. We’ve all seen those cars within the parking zone at the mall with the clear coat shedding or beginning to look hazy. There are cases when the extent of hail damage exceeds what’s repairable using Paintless Dent Removal, but most cars we have seen around Bossier aren’t therein category. If you propose on keeping your vehicle for any length of your time in the least , do yourself a favor and a minimum of have your car checked out by a paintless dent fix-it shop and see if it are often repaired without having to be painted. Painting a car voids its manufacturers warranties and causes significant depreciation, among other issues. we’ve free mobile estimating, so before you comply with let a body shop destroy your car’s resale value, give us a out in 318-317-2350 and obtain a quick and free second opinion.

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